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Why the name Bricks Travels?

The name Bricks Travels derives from the idea to convey individual travel modules, the so-called "Bricks", from which our customers can put together their own personal trip in a modular way.

Why book with us?

At Bricks Travels we want to inspire the world for a different way of traveling. Hence, the idea arose to offer modular trips made up of individually configurable travel modules in order to make trips more personal, more sustainable and more authentic.

We use our many years of professional experience in the tourism and sustainability sector to provide our customers with a safe, unique, tailor-made travel experience tailored to their needs.

We not only provide exclusive travel experiences, but also share our knowledge of the destinations and share our experience. 

Because we lived on-site in East Africa for more than three years, we were able to build strong partnerships with our local partners. It is important to us to personally know every guide who goes on safari with our customers. We have visited most of the accommodations we offer several times ourselves and know the managers or owners. Also, in the meantime, we know the national parks like the back of our hands.

Our added value

... over 50 happy customers 

...more than 15 years of experience in the tourism sector

... lived and traveled in East Africa for 3 years

... strong relationships with our on-site partners

Who are we?

We are a regional tour operator with Bernese roots and specialize in trips to selected African countries.

We have lived in East Africa for the past three years, allowing us to provide our customers with in-depth knowledge of the destinations. This allows us to create tailor-made and unique travel experiences.

Lisa Nyffeler

Co-founder and CEO

BSc in Tourism, MSc in International Business Development

«My passion for tourism was awakened by several stays abroad and continues to grow with every trip to less touristy destinations. Experiencing the coffee production from the picked bean to the ready-to-drink pleasure at the side of a Ugandan farmer is an experience that is deeply rooted in the heart.»

More than ten years ago, Lisa was drawn into the tourism industry. Since her studies, she has gained a lot of experience in this industry at home and abroad. ​Lisa has been living in Uganda since the beginning of 2021 and travels regularly to the Bricks Travels destinations to ensure proximity to local partners.

+41 78 909 44 86

Simon Bosch


 «My enthusiasm for the continent of Africa has never left me since my first visit to Uganda in 2018. Since then I have traveled a lot in sub-Saharan Africa and am always overwhelmed by the vast landscapes, the rich wildlife and the hospitality I experienced - you come as a visitor and leave as a friend.»

Simon lived in East Africa for over three years and led reforestation projects, promoting timber construction and affordable housing. Through training in timber construction, he strengthened local communities and built a strong regional network. Through his activities in the field, he has personally experienced how community tourism offers strengthen the local population and enable them to benefit directly from tourism.

+41 78 909 44 86

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