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Discover a new way of traveling

Gone are the days of traveling to crowded and saturated travel hotspots.

It's time for unique and authentic travel experiences. It is time for adventures in countries that are still considered an insider tip, for real encounters with the local population and for slower and more conscious travel.


With the help of the expert knowledge of Bricks Travels, you can create your tailor-made, modular trip that meets your individual ideas and needs.

Our values

Customer centric

At Bricks Travels, the focus is on the customer. Our goal is to use our expert knowledge to enable unforgettable and unique trips that meet individual customer needs.


Real experiences away from the tourist stream and encounters with the local population, who like to share their insider tips - this is how modern travel should be. Our selected experiences are authentic, unique and allow a true insight into the different cultures and traditions of the country visited.


We are committed to slow travel, the gentler and more conscious way of traveling, and provide community tourism activities that offer an alternative to conventional travel experiences based on the three pillars of sustainability (environment, economy and social).

Find out how our values flow into our concept.


"A trip to Uganda may sound a bit unusual, unknown or even strange at first. And it is. But I am delighted to say that a less touristy destination like Uganda is the perfect travel destination. With the combination of breathtaking landscapes, the variety of culture and wildlife as well as the warmth of the local people, Bricks Travels enabled unique and fantastic experience. I've been on the road a lot, the trip to Uganda that Lisa put together for us was clearly the most authentic of all. Thanks. I'm looking forward to more destinations. "

Erik Bichsel, Bern

Trip through western Uganda in October 2021

You can find more testimonials in our Google reviews.

Individualreisen Afrika

"Once a year go somewhere you have never been before."

Dalai Lama

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