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The world needs a different way of traveling. Travel must become more flexible, more conscious and responsible. And this should be possible without sacrificing adventure, the joy of traveling and comfort.


Our clients in the center

We provide individual travel modules, the so-called “bricks”, from which our customers can put together their own personal trip in a modular manner. We provide our customers with advice throughout the entire trip planning and implementation process, so that a trip to...Africa can become reality.



Real experiences

Our travel modules include different experiences, such as a walking safari, a visit to a vanilla farm or crab fishing with local fishermen. Such activities provide the local population with an income, while our customers benefit from an authentic insight into the local culture.


Each traveler = 20 trees

We put our sustainability goals into action. BesideCommunity tourism Offers that contribute to social and economic sustainability. To contribute to the security, we mark the booking for each traveler symbolically with 20 Trees that are planted directly in Uganda. Our customers do not have to initiate this themselves, we take on this responsibility. 

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